Fred Gonzalez - President & CEO

Since 1990 Fred has been involved in the production and sales of FIBC's. Fred has spent the vast majority of this time in testing, designing, and writing specifications for FIBC's. All his technical experience assists him in analyzing the fill and discharge of FIBC's in order to recommend and implement cost savings systems and bag designs.

Fred has more than 13 years experience in qualifying foreign producers of FIBC's for use in the USA, and he is directly involved with NEL and UN testing labs to ensure quality bags for Actu-Lum USA, Inc. valued customers.

Kathy Brown - Operations Manager

Kathy Brown - Operations ManagerdHaving over 10 years experience in managing FIBC customer accounts, Kathy has developed a great understanding of packaging needs and challenges for bulk bag users.

Now working closely with our sales and marketing groups, Kathy's experience is helping to guarantee the best quality, most cost effective packaging for every customer.





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